By Alex Clary




It all started when...

My father gave me one of his older cameras for my birthday.  A little underwhelmed, I sort of cast it aside with a "Cool! Thanks, Dad...." as I shared little interest with my father in photography.

Little did I know, that by now I would have my own photography business, while he still pursues photography as only a hobby!  A turn of events, no doubt.

Photography is about passion.  About creativity.  Taking a drab scene, a shy person, something unimaginative.....and creating something beautiful.  It's about showing people, what's really on the inside.  It's about being able to not just snap a picture, but to make a world and a reality that I designed myself.  After all, anybody can press a shutter button...

I look forward to helping you with all of your photography needs!  Please refer to the link buttons on the header of this page for navigation, and feel free to contact me with any questions. Cheers!