By Alex Clary
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Photography - Tessa Ciaramitaro

Tessa is my go-to assistant, and an excellent photographer of her own.

“Growing up visiting my grandparents weekly as a child I was curious and inspired by my grandfathers homemade darkroom. My grandfather had "the eye" as the rest of my family would put it.

As I grew older I honored my curiosity and honed skills of my own. Buying my first ever SLR Nikon with scraped change at 13 years old, I departed on a journey expanding knowledge and experiences though my camera. My passion now is to capture the world the way it begs to be seen. In the moment and real. Offering images that capture peoples true passions and beauty is one of the most amazing things I've experienced in art. I look forward to future laughs, experiences and adventures!”

In memory of my love Joshua Pink Everyday will be lived fully and epically in honor of you. "If a photographer falls in love with you, you can never die"