By Alex Clary

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"To my darling wife, you are the inspiration for all I do."


AWDCphotos was founded in 2015 by Alexander William Duke Clary, thus the 'AWDC' portion of the name.  Below you will find example galleries showcasing each our favorite works, as well as individual biographies, and standard pricing.  Please, navigate around the site, there are prints available for purchase as well under 'The Print Shop'.  For any questions, or for event or wedding pricing, please navigate to the 'Contact/Booking Page' and shoot over an e-mail.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alex - Owner/Photographer

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"My father gave me one of his older cameras for my birthday. A little underwhelmed, I sort of cast it aside with a "Cool! Thanks, Dad...." as I shared little interest with my father in photography.

Little did I know, that by now I would have my own photography business!

Photography is about passion. About creativity. Taking a drab scene, a shy person, something unimaginative.....and creating something beautiful. It's about showing people, what's really on the inside. It's about being able to not just snap a picture, but to make a world and a reality that I designed myself. After all, anybody can press a shutter button...I want to make the world a happier place.

I look forward to helping you with all of your photography needs! Please refer to the link buttons on the header of this page for navigation, and feel free to contact me with any questions. Cheers!"

Alex’s Standard Rate - $200/Hour USD

Tessa - Photographer/Assistant

"Ever since I was a small girl, I would venture into my Grandfather’s dark room to see what kind of magic he would bring out of his film. Nowadays I travel all over Colorado sharpening my skills, and honing my eye behind the lens.

I love shooting portraits because it allows me to meet new people, and people are awesome! Portrait sessions allow me the opportunity to earn a different perspective on many individuals’ personalities. Being in front of a camera can, at times, make people nervous or vulnerable. Bringing people out of their shells is what makes it all worth it! So let’s book a shoot, and find that hidden confidence!"

Tessa’s Standard Rate - $100/Hour USD